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Indeed, we are living in different times and social media is definitely becoming a huge player in how people communicate not only about life in general but also with hunting and fishing. Two social media platforms that lend themselves well to Alaska Fishing are both Facebook and Instagram. We are encouraging all of our past, present and future guests to join us on these exciting new methods of communication and to make it easy we have listed how and where you can join us online if you have not already done so.

This is our official Alaska Fishing with Mark Glassmaker Facebook Page. Here you will find frequently updated information on our business including but not limited to fishing pictures, important Alaska Fisheries information/news, in-season fishing reports and updates and much more. If you have not already done so, please “like” our page so you can follow along!

Alaska Fishing Junfacebookkies is a group page on Facebook that I created for Alaska Fishing enthusiasts worldwide. It is a fun, family oriented page where you can see a variety of different posts pertaining to Alaska and Fishing in general. This a great place to post any questions you may have about fishing the Greatland and a great source of current news related to not only the Kenai Peninsula but also the entire state of Alaska. This a closed group, which means you must request permission to join. To do this simple do a search on Facebook for Alaska Fishing Junkies and send a request to join. One of our admins. will approve your request ASAP!

instagramInstagram is more of a picture-posting site but it is also a great way to share videos and other information with like-minded friends. It is also a great way to connect with other people interested in fishing and specifically fishing Alaska! To see what we are posting weekly, please feel free to follow and share our page and even though we are relatively new to this platform, we look forward to building a very diverse, numerous and worldwide following.

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