Situk River Steelhead

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Situk Steelhead are among the most prestigious anadromous gamefish on the planet and they command a special respect and lore that only the most disserting and accomplished angler can embrace. The Situk cuts it magical swath through pristine Southeast Alaska rainforest and its unique substrate, flow, mineral content all combine to create the most ideal steelhead stream imaginable. With an annual return of 4,500-8,000 fish, the Situk hosts the largest steelhead run in the state. This is comprised of both winter and spring run fish with their spawn occurring in April and May. The bulk of the fish are 8-12 lbs. although fish 15-20 lbs. are not uncommon. The river is accessible via the town of Yakutat which sees two flights daily from Alaska Airlines via Seattle or Anchorage. From there transportation is provided and you can get checked in to the Glacier Bear Lodge. Glacier Bear is an excellent home base as it is centrally located and offers nice rooms, hot showers, good food and a bar.

The Situk is accessed at the top end via nine mile bridge and the float to the bottom take out is 14 miles. We fish this in one day which means we try to concentrate our efforts on the most fish laden sections of the river and we fish long 10-12 hour days. The Situk does not give up its prized quarry easily and is a very technical river to fish. Just being able to see the fish does not always mean they can be caught and there is always a certain degree of timing and perfection to every hook up which makes each fish very rewarding. Some of the rivers inhabitants are very difficult to deal with when hooked and will make mortal man look like a monkey as they take over. The myriad of snags, trees, wood, makes their escape even more difficult to defend against and many a trophy will come to hand as sheered mono. Alas, the Situk is not for the faint at heart or easily ruffled as it definitely takes more than it gives but again the reward of an ocean bright wild steelhead on the line is well worth all the efforts.

We are now offering a limited number of exclusively guided Situk River steelhead adventures.

These are 5 night, 3 day fishing trips arranged via Glacial Bear Lodge.

All transportation, lodging, food and guided fishing is included.

 Cost: $2800.00 per person.


Fishing is 1-2 people per 16 foot drift boat and this includes experienced guide, all tackle (both conventional and fly gear), transportation to and from river from Glacier Bear Lodge.  All meals and lodging and guiding are provided via Glacier Bear Lodge.

This trip will test your mettle against the elements and it is not uncommon for it to rain the entire trip.  Excellent rain gear is a must and a backup pair is recommended.

Below is a small sampling of steelhead pictures from several seasons on the Situk River:

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