Kustatan River Fly Out

The Kustatan River is the largest silver salmon producing stream on the West Side of Cook Inlet.  Located just north of Big River, the Kustatan is a 20 minute flight from Kenai and is a daily destination for us beginning in late July.  This glacial river is small to medium in size and we access the river via a fresh water slough just above tidal reach.  With boats we then travel from the slough to the main stem Kustatan and wade fish the river from shore.  Action is typically non-stop with steady pulses of silver salmon arriving throughout the day.   Year after year, the Kustatan remains one of the most dependable and exciting silver salmon fly fishing destinations we frequent.  The great fishing and remote wilderness setting makes for a very memorable trip.

  • Full Day Fly Out: West Side Cook Inlet; Silvers (July /Aug): $425 per person



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