Kenai River Rainbow Trout Fishing

Kenai River RainbowKenai River trout fishing is steep in history and lore.  Its resident population of leviathan rainbows has lured many accomplished anglers in their quest to realistically accomplish their goal of landing a 30 inch trout.  For in the glacial food rich waters of the Kenai rainbows grow to this size on a regular basis and as the river becomes infused with millions of salmon from the Pacific, these foraging packs of trout feast on the bounty of flesh and eggs and are literally bursting at the sides.  Since the Kenai sees more than is fair share of angling pressure, these trout big trout are not simple to fool and choice of flies and single egg patterns (beads) is very specific at times.  After spending the last 23 seasons fishing the trout waters of the middle Kenai we have developed a deep knowledge of this resident species and we know where to find them throughout the summer.  We consider Kenai trout fishing to be one of specialties and we look forward to sharing our passion for these great fish with you.  All trout fishing is catch and release and the season opens June 10 and is good all the way until late October.


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