Kenai River King Salmon Fishing

Kenai King ReleaseKenai River King Salmon Fishing has a long and storied history.  With eight of the ten largest sport-caught kings taken from the Kenai River, including the world record (97lb. 4oz) in 1985, its reputation as a big fish river is well established.  While through the years the average size of the fish has decreased, it still yields true monster king salmon every season.  Rather than harvest these awesome creatures, we have long encouraged releasing these genetically unique fish to ensure they are here well after we depart.

The Kenai sees two distinct runs of king salmon, an early run and a late run.  The early run begins to arrive in late April and early May and typically peaks sometime in the June 10-20 time period.  This run is comprised of both tributary spawners as well as those spawning throughout the main stem.  The early run fish are typically smaller on average than the late run yet the world record was caught in the early run (May 1985).  The late run begins to arrive in late June and peaks sometime between July 10-25.  Late run Kenai kings are mostly main stem spawners and can average over thirty pounds.  Fish larger than fifty pounds are not uncommon and again we highly encourage releasing these unique fish to carry on their lineage.

Kenai King fishing can be fairly compared to big game hunting.  It consists of many hours of sheer boredom punctuated by sudden and unexpected chaos.  It is not a fishery for someone that expects to catch a fish on every outing as the numbers and chances for success do not make this a common reality.  Kenai king fishing is largely about putting in your time.  Eventually the reward will come in the form of a magnificent salmon like no other on earth.  Indeed Kenai kings are a unique and highly prestigious prize yet only the most patience and persistent angler will find consistent success with these amazing fish.


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