I spoke too soon…..

Snow in May, really?….  Apparently my March 10 post exclaiming spring has spung was a bit premature. Here is it May 17 and it is actually snowing.  Overnight temps are still hitting the freezing mark on a daily basis and the river still has several feet of ice still firmly entrenched on its banks.  Needless to say , this has the fish thinking it is still late winter   and therefore there has been little to no salmon activity on either the Kenai or the Kasilof.  Normally by this time in May we are not only seeing consistent opportunities for king salmon on both rivers but day time temps are in the fifties and sixties and overnight it is staying above the freezing level.  Today the high was in the low forties and the low was below freezing.  Obviously this explains why I have not posted an inaugural 2013 fishing report as there is simply nothing yet to write about. As soon as things begin to happen, rest assured you will be the first to know!  Meanwhile, brrrrrrrrr!

Green grass yet snow in the air and on the banks. Classic Alaska, cannot make up its mind.

The same view the following morning.

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