How To Get Here

turnagainarmTraveling to the Kenai Peninsula is much easier than many more remote Alaska locations.  One simply needs to fly into Anchorage and from there, either rent a car, or take a commuter flight to the town of Kenai and rent a car from there.  The drive from Anchorage to the town of Soldotna (mid-point Kenai River) is 150 miles and takes approximately 2.5-3.0 hours.  The drive is very straightforward utilizing one highway and travels through some spectacular scenery including the Turnagain Arm mud flats, Chugach mountain passes, Kenai River headwaters and eventually the boreal forest and fireweedcoastline of the lower Kenai River.

If you have never been to the Kenai before, the drive is well worth it.  If time is a concern or you have made the drive before, two commercial airlines operate several daily flight between Anchorage and Kenai.  The two main carriers servicing this route are Raven and Grant Airlines.

Now that you are here it is time to get serious about the reason you came: FISHING!