Through the years of helping visitors arrange their fishing vacations here on the Kenai Peninsula, many of them have expressed an interest in non-fishing activities.  Other than group activities like glacier cruises from Seward or flight seeing tours, there really is not a lot available for those that are looking for a smaller, personalized outdoor experience such as a day hike, a birding tour, or a canoe trip.  Recreating in Alaska is a rich and rewarding experience but due to the terrain, the weather and the wildlife, it can also be dangerous.  Allowing us to arrange your Eco-activity will give you piece of mind and also greatly simplify your planning and packing process.  We have all the details, the gear, and the plan already established meaning you just need to jump right in and enjoy the activity, leaving all the work and logistics to us.

Depending on your preferences, your physical ability, your budget and a host of other things, Alaska has the perfect Eco-Adventure for you,  After all, the main purpose of and Eco-experience is to simply admire and enjoy nature.  Some of the most popular ways to immerse yourself in Alaska’s wilderness splendor include:










Bird Viewing







Canoe Trips





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