Cook Inlet, Alaska Halibut Fishing

Cook Inlet, Homer and Seward: The best halibut fishing in the world is all around us!


A great day of halibut fishing on Cook Inlet.

Nearby Cook Inlet and surrounding waters hold some of Alaska’s most accessible and predictable halibut fishing.  This vast area offers the choice of Cook Inlet, or the Gulf of Alaska via Homer or Seward.  The first difference between Cook Inlet trips departing from Ninilchik or Anchor Point vs trips departing from Homer or Seward is the run time to the fishing grounds.  From the beach in Ninilchik or Anchor point, tractor launches put you 20-45 minutes from prime fishing.  While the average size halibut may be slightly larger in more remote, less fished areas of the region, many prefer to trade this small advantage for the much shorter boat ride.  We use a number of longstanding and very reputable boats in Cook Inlet and rest assured you will not only be safe but you will have a knowledgeable and experienced captain who is on the water everyday and knows where the fish are.

Homer and Seward are both very popular ports and both offer an opportunity at a long range fishing day as well as multiple species including not just halibut but ling cod, and rock fish.  Both halibut only and multi-species charters are available in both locations.  We have several exceelent captains in both locations that we have used for many years.

bucholtz1Homer is located at the very southern end of the Kenai Peninsula and  boats depart from the Homer Spit in Kachemak Bay.  From there they enter the Gulf of Alaska and can range as far as the Barren and even Kodiak and Afognak Islands.  These less pressured waters hold great potential although flat seas are seldom a luxury.  Homer is a 1.5 hour drive from Soldotna.


Seward is located on the west side of the Kenai Mountain Range and in Prince William Sound.  Trips depart from the Seward Boat Harbor in Resurrection Bay and travel into the Gulf of Alaska.  Many travel south toward Montague Island and the myriad of protected coves and islands along the way.  These waters are teeming with big halibut, rockfish and also big ling cod. Seward is also a 1.5 hour drive from Soldotna.

Halibut Fishing Rates

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