Cook Inlet Halibut

Cook Inlet Halibut FishingCook Inlet is by far our most popular halibut fishing destination for a number of reasons.  Perhaps the most attractive aspect for fishing Cook Inlet is its close proximity to Soldotna and the Kenai River.  Just a 40 minute drive south on the Kenai Peninsula from Soldotna is the town of Ninlchik and the Deep Creek Tractor launch.  Boats are launch on the beach with John Deere tractors as with the extreme Cook Inlet tides (second highest in the world) constructed boat launches are not available.

One other large benefit to fishing Cook Inlet from Ninilchik is not only is the drive time shorter but the boat ride is short as well.  On average after launching, you will be fishing in 20-30 minutes.  This compares to Homer or Seward where boats sometimes travel 1.5-2.0 hours each way to the fishing grounds.

As with all halibut fishing, tides are very important to your success.  Extreme high tides going to extreme minus lows are not conducive to good halibut fishing as the abundant water movement puts them off the bite and also makes it next to impossible to out any amount of weight on the bottom due to the strong current.  Ideal halibut tides are those that have moderate highs going to moderate lows.  Typically halibut tides cycles occur every several days and we will help you choose the optimal tide for the dates you plan to visit.


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