Alaska Halibut Fishing

Cook Inlet Halibut

Cook Inlet Halibut

A nice halibut from Cook Inlet.

In Alaska, salt water fishing means Pacific halibut and neighboring Cook Inlet is home to the finest Alaska halibut fishing in all the world. We are proud to offer first class fishing trips for these bottom dwelling giants. Aside from the excitement of hauling one of these mighty creatures from the deep, their savory flesh is a delicacy second to none. This full day trip is both tide and weather dependent and it is not uncommon to encounter whales, sea otters and other marine life in the prolific marine waters of Cook Inlet. Boats are spacious, powerful, and capable of carrying six passengers, not including the captain and his assistant. This is a highly recommended addition to any Alaskan vacation.

Here, in the waters of Cook Inlet adjacent to the Kenai Peninsula, reside some of the largest halibut in the world. Fish over 100 pounds are not uncommon. However, we encourage anglers to release the larger fish and instead retain the fish under 80 pounds for the best eating quality. We call the smaller and better eating fish “chickens.” Most of the very large fish are female, old and not very good table fare. It is better to allow the largest fish to survive and reproduce so that we have plentiful fishing in the years to come. Consult our tide tables for the best times to fish. In addition to halibut fishing in Cook Inlet, we also offer halibut fishing from Homer and Seward.

•May 1-Sept 15

•Two fish

•Bottom fishing with bait, jigs.

Average Size and Record:
•Halibut average about 20 to 40 lbs., however it is not unusual to catch fish approaching 100 lbs.
•The record halibut was 440 lbs., Icy Straight, 1978.

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