Big River Lake/Wolverine Creek Fly Out

BRLBig River Lake and Wolverine Creek is one of our most popular fly out fishing locations on the West Side of Cook Inlet.  Located at the entrance to Lake Clark Pass, this glacial lake is surrounded by jagged peaks and glacial filled valleys.  The scenery is truly awe-inspiring and add to this the great fishing for both sockeye and silver salmon plus the awesome bear viewing opportunities and you too will see why this destination is one of our favorites.   Big River Lake is a 20 minute flight from north Kenai and fishes very well from mid June until late August.  The first fish to arrive are sockeye salmon headed for both the south fork of Big River and Wolverine Creek.  Big River Lake SilversBoth of these returns begin to arrive in early June and peak in the June 20-July 15 time period.  The south fork fish are considerably larger than their Wolverine Creek cousins but both runs provide a good opportunity for anglers to catch their three fish limit.  This fishing is done with light spinning tackle and the fish are excellent fighters.  Once the sockeye runs begin to wane, we typically transition immediately to silver salmon fishing and this return usually arrives in the second and third week of July.  Fishing for silvers stays good into the third week of August and is done with a variety of methods including bait (salmon eggs), artificial lures, and flies.  The fish are typically very aggressive and fresh from salt water and the limit is three fish.

wolverinecreekBig River Lake is not only an awesome fishing location, but it is also one of the premier bear viewing locations on the West Side of Cook Inlet. Both brown and black bears are frequently seen fishing for salmon and exploring the shoreline of Big River Lake.  For someone that wants to fish but also really wants to enjoy spectacular scenery and see bears, Big River Lake and Wolverine Creek is an ideal choice.

Have you ever dreamed of spending the night in the Alaska wilderness? Starting in 2013, we are proud to offer an overnight lodging and fishing option for Big River Lake.  For additional information please see: Overnight Trips





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