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IMG_0606Nothing speaks of Alaska like a remote excursion into the back country with a float-plane.  The seclusion and overall serenity of the flight itself is impossible to describe as an aerial view of Alaska’s vast wilderness is simply overwhelming.  Towering snow-capped mountains give way to endless glacial filled valleys and eventually rivers teeming with fish. We have long recommended at least one day of fly in fishing during your visit to the Kenai as it really helps to put into perspective the vast and varied landscape that makes up South Central Alaska.

Remote fly in fishing opportunities are numerous and they change throughout the summer.  Certain locations are more conducive to bear viewing and some are more expensive than others due to the flight times.  These are all unique, very exciting and remote locations that we have fished for many years.  Our guides have comprehensive knowledge of all these fisheries and this goes a long way toward ensuring your trip is not only a success but also safe and fun!

Below is a comprehensive list of
our most popular drop off destinations:


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