All Day Charters

Nushagak Fly Out FishingAn all day charter essentially involves renting or chartering an individual aircraft for the entire day.  This enables you to visit multiple, farther locations in one day, with the plane, pilot and guide staying with you.  This option opens up a completely different level of opportunity as now anything in range of the float plane is wide open.  This includes many destinations in western Alaska, the Lake Iliamna region, Kodiak and Afognak Islands, Prince William Sound, in addition to all closer West Side Cook Inlet locations.  You can fish kings on the Nushagak, see bears in Tuxedni Bay and eat lunch on a glacial lake in the Alaska range.  Your guide and pilot will take an active part in planning this epic adventure and can give you expert guidance regarding the best fishing locations at the time.

Below is a list of the individual aircraft and their charter rates for the day.  The charter rate includes the plane, pilot and guide for 8 hours including flight time. Please call for specific trip planning and suggested locations for various dates.

Turbine Otter: One to Nine Passengers including guide: $7200 per day: Book Now!

Turbine Beaver: One to Six Passengers including guide: $4800 per day: Book Now!

Beaver: One to Four Passengers including guide: $4000 per day: Book Now!


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