Alaska Fly Out Fishing: Theodore River Silver Salmon

  • Destination: Theodore River
  • Location: West Side Cook Inlet
  • Flight Time: 30 minutes
  • Trip Duration: 6-8 hours
  • Target Species: Silver Salmon
  • Limit: Three fish
  • Run Timing: Silvers: July 15 – Aug 25
  • Description: Much like the nearby Chuit only smaller, the Theodore is not always
    silver fishing the theodore

    Drifting for silvers on the Theodore River.

    fishable due to conditions but when it is timed right this can be a very exciting river to fish.  Silver salmon begin to enter the Throdore in late July and the first week to ten days of August is typically the peak.  This small creek sometimes require walking several miles to find holding concentrations of silvers in the deeper holes.  Because of its small size and gin clear water, the fish are very spooky and must be approached carefully.  This is the ideal stream for anyone that likes to wade and fly fish and is ready for a good hike and a challenge.

    theodore coho

    A nice Theodore silver taken with a spinner.

theodore river

A typical pool on the Theodore River.