Alaska Fly Out Fishing: All Day Exclusive Alaska Fly Out Fishing Trips

fly out glacier

One of the countless Alaska glaciers one can see while en route to some of the best fishing in the world.

For those looking for the ultimate one day Alaska fishing experience, nothing can rival chartering a float plane for the entire day and visiting  more distant and/or multiple destinations.  On these trips, the plane stays with you and can travel much farther distances from our base in North Kenai.  This expanded range opens up a myriad of incredible locations, all within a 2 hour flight radius.  It gives you the freedom, privacy and exclusivity most would only dream about having at their disposal.  Of course flying to and from these incredible fishing destinations is ripe with some of the most memorable scenery in the world including wildlife, mountains and glaciers.  A complete shore lunch is also an integral element of these trip capping what most would consider a once in a lifetime experience.

Below are a few all day exclusive destinations we frequent and depending on the length of the flight, weather, is often possible to visit more than one destination in the day:

*Call or email for suggested locations and quote.  Cost will vary according to the number in the party and aircraft required.

surf fishing for silvers

Surf fishing for silvers in Prince William Sound.

West forelands brown bears.

Two brown bears in the grass flats known as the West Forelands on the West Side of Cook Inlet.