Alaska fly fishing for trout

Kenai RainbowAlaska fly fishing for trout. When most anglers dream about the Kenai River, they envision world record king salmon. But for more and more fly fishing enthusiasts, the Kenai has become synonymous with monster trout. This fishery has outpaced all others on the Kenai River in terms of overall popularity and this can likely be attributed to two things. One, the trout in the Kenai are larger on average than most any other place you will ever fish. Two, catching them is almost guaranteed. These are two very good reasons for many to give trout fishing on the Kenai a try.

TRainbow Troutrout season on the Kenai River opens on June 12 and fishing is normally very good throughout the entire summer. This is perhaps one of the most dependable fisheries in all of Alaska and although entirely catch and release, the numbers can be stunning. Perhaps the most prolific trout fishing of the season occurs in late fall when the water drops and the fish have nearly doubled in size after feeding all summer long. Larger fish dominate prime feeding lanes and food funnels throughout the river and some of the largest trout of the season are brought to hand. If fly fishing for monster rainbow trout is something you’ve always wanted to experience, look no further than the Kenai River.