2013: Silver Salmon Spectacular

2013 Coho return one of the best ever!

stevenssilverThrough the many years I have guided on the Kenai River, I have seen ups and down in all the salmon returns. This cyclical boom and bust is all part of the salmon’s natural existence, there are good years and there are bad years. This years return of silver salmon was not just good, it was off the charts great! Silver salmon are likely one of our more predictable returns each year when even an average return can yield periods of very good fishing. This seasons return was noticeably different as the fish were not just here and there, for a period of time, they were EVERYWHERE. In most years the fish seem to prefer a handful of strategic holes and this is where most of the fishing pressure eventually occurs. Given the higher numbers of silvers this year, almost every spot that would normally hold silvers was loaded. wilsonlimitsThe hot fishing allowed us to expand the methods we normally use and we did a lot of experimenting with not only different lures but also bobbers and eggs as well. Everything seemed to work at some point and the bottom line is more fish definitely makes a huge difference on success rates overall.  We are very hopeful that this coho abundance will carry over into next seasons returns! Normally one good year will foster another so we are optimistic this will be the case. Remember next season is also a pink salmon year and their presence is always a game changer on how and where we fish silvers, especially when the pink numbers hit full strength. Nevertheless, they only add to the fabric of the day and then ensure non-stop action between aggressive and hopefully numerous packs of silvers.